The Perfect Holiday Cottage In The Northumberland

Northumberland is a lovely county full of quaint, charming towns and villages. There are many quaint little bed and breakfasts scattered throughout the county, some of which have their own unique charm. Many of the bed and breakfasts in the area now cater to holidaymakers who come to spend a few relaxing nights. Some self-catering cottages and other stays have a range of amenities including pet friendly accommodation so your pets are always welcome.

It is perfectly possible for you to go on a Northumberland self-catering holiday. Indeed, many families enjoy staying in a cottage in Northumberland. By choosing a cottage in Northumberland you can be sure that you will be surrounded by peace and tranquillity. You will be able to unwind in peaceful surroundings and really get to grips with the beauty of the countryside and coast.

You may choose to stay in one of the many lovely little bed and breakfasts that are dotted around the countryside. Or you may want to choose a luxurious holiday home. Whatever you decide, you will be able to enjoy many great attractions in Northumberland. Many of the towns are situated within a short drive of popular attractions such as thews, Dunsterby and also Cumbria. There are also some wonderful castles in the area such as the famous Eyre Castle.

When you stay in one of the Northumberland self-catering holiday cottages you will be close to many fun activities. As well as being close to the sea there are lots of fun activities such as cycling, hiking, fishing and canoeing. If you are an adventure enthusiast then the Northumberland coast can offer you a wide range of challenging outdoor activities. The sea views and wildlife sights are a lot to see. You will have plenty to do on the beach, or you can just relax by the sea watching the fishermen work their daily rounds.

With so many different activities available it is easy to come up with all kinds of ideas when considering where to stay when taking your holidays in the UK. So many people go to the UK for sun, sand and surf and if you are one of these people then you should definitely consider staying in a Northumberland self-catering holiday cottage. Not only will you be close to all the action but you can benefit from being a pet friendly hotel too! This can make the trip even more special. You will feel special being right on the beach and you can still take your dog out to play in the local parks.

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