Guernsey Self-Catering Holiday Cottages

Guernsey self-catering holidays make for the ideal break for travellers who are looking to explore the stunningly beautiful English countryside. A Guernsey holiday cottage is a perfect retreat for lovers of nature and wildlife, offering miles of sweeping golden coastline as well as the chance to get out into the wilds and see wildlife in their natural habitat. There are a wide range of Guernsey self-catering options available from luxury holiday cottages to more modest farmhouses and self catering apartments.

There are many different Guernsey self-catering holiday cottages available from lodges and farmhouses to villas and self catering apartments. Guernsey is a popular tourist destination due to its wonderful scenery, so the majority of Guernsey holiday cottages are situated near the beaches or seaside. These typically include a deck or veranda that is open to guests and includes an outdoor bar and restaurant. Many have been specially designed with their guests in mind, with features such as double bedroom suites, en-suite bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens, and other extras such as fireplaces and outdoor entertainment.

Another popular area for self-catering holiday cottages in Guernsey is Bickley. Bickley is a small seaside village, and is a great place for families to visit on a short holiday break. There are a number of Bickley holiday cottages available from self-catering holiday makers, which can be hired by the weekend or even for extended breaks. Many of these Bickley holiday cottages come with their own plunge pool and are situated close to the beach.

Another popular holiday cottage in Guernsey is the Ait ashore base. This is a charming fishing village which is a short 20 minute drive from the town of Bickley. Many of the Ait ashore base cottages have their own unique character, with many having been built exactly for customers themselves, who will often be keen to create a personal touch to their stay. Many of the Ait shore cottages also provide an excellent view of the sea, with some being set above sea level. These are ideal for those who love to sit out on the sea, watching the trawlers coming back to sea, taking their catch.

There are also many self-catering holiday cottages available for hire in and around the Moreton Bay region of Guernsey. Guernsey is considered to be a premier spot for bird watching in the South West, and it is home to a wide variety of seabird species including egrets, martins, pelicans, herons and wrens. Guernsey also has a beautiful coastline and is a great location for a relaxing boat charter, especially during the peak tourist season. Many holiday makers will choose to hire a boat for fishing and other water sports, so there are plenty of opportunities for the lucky few to go boat shopping during their stay in Guernsey.

Guernsey is also a top tourist destination because of its natural beauty. Guernsey is the largest National Park in England and boasts some stunning scenery. Guernsey is also a seaside resort, making it a popular place for families to go on holiday. Guernsey self-catering holiday cottages are a popular choice for people looking to book a cottage in Guernsey for their annual break. They provide a relaxed and secure environment for the self-employed traveller as they can relax in style in their own rental property while touring the beautiful English countryside.