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Summer wedding reception drinks

The most traditional thing to drink at a wedding reception is sparkling wine as it is enjoyed by many and brought out only for special celebrations. But why not try something a little different and experiment with a few options? I have thought about some wonderful drinks which are refreshing and can be enjoyed by everybody.

Fruity cocktails are fantastic summer drinks, making you feel as if you are on a tropical island, enjoying the sun and partying with family and friends. There are so many to choose from including Woo Woos and Piña Coladas – we all have our favourites!

My personal favourite is the classic Pimm’s – on a hot sunny day there is no drink us British enjoy more. Pimm’s and lemonade poured over a jug full of ice and finished with fresh fruit is thirst quenching, refreshing and bursting with colour.

Why not have drink stands dedicated to your favourite summer refreshers? Or ice buckets full of bottled beer for the men in the group? Display your drinks in the most imaginative way possible, adding uniqueness and decoration to your big day. Everything looks more appealing surrounded by added extras such as paper straws and mini umbrellas, so let your imagination run wild!

Here is a picture of reception drinks from a previous summer wedding held in Jephson Gardens. How wonderful does this look? The white flowers on the edge of the glasses really finish off the look and instantly make them more summery!



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